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    Xiaomi Wireless TV Sound Bar Bluetooth Speaker

    Xiaomi Wireless TV Sound Bar Bluetooth Speaker With Fabric Support and Unique Design Bluetooth Playback Optical SPDIF AUX IN For Home


    Brand Name                         :xiaomi 

    Intelligent Personal Assistant                 :None

    Power Source                         :DC

    Audio Crossover                 :Two-Way

    Support Apt-x                         :No

    Remote Control                 :No

    Waterproof                         :No

    Channels                                 :2 (2.0)

    Communication                 :Bluetooth,AUX,Optical Input

    Voice Control                         :No

    Frequency Range                 :50Hz-25KHz

    Cabinet Material                         :Plastic

    Battery                         :No

    Number of Loudspeaker Enclosure :1

    Display Screen                   :No

    Display Screen                 :No

    PMPO                          :12W

    Built-in Microphone                    :No

    Speaker Type                         :SOUND BAR

    Feature                         :None

    Material                                 :Plastic

    Model Number                 :Xiaomi Home Sound Bar

    The introduction of wireless Xiaomi sound bar for TV has changed the entire experience of watching TV at home. These can be replaced by the inbuilt TV speakers for a better and more enriching sound experience. Wireless Xiaomi TV speakers come in a number of designs from home theater to stereo to surround sound. Since they are without wire, they can be placed almost anywhere around the room without any restriction. The special surround mi sound bar can be used for gaming, as well as these, are able to recreate a very precise replication of sound in a virtual sound space. You can actually understand where the sounds are coming from. These speakers produce very detailed sound with very clear highs, mids, and powerful lows. When they are placed around the room in a proper fashion, they provide an experience no less that of a movie theater. In this guide, we will help you find the perfect Wireless Xiaomi bar speakers for TV to use in your home theater system. Enjoy the full home cinema experience with high quality surround sound speakers that makes you never wanna go back to your normal speakers

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    Speaker size:

    Speaker size can affect a number of things during sound production. Small speakers are convenient to be carried around and can be placed anywhere in the room with much ease. They can even be fitted to walls if that provides a better experience. Most companies also give attention to the design of the speakers so that they themselves become a piece of interest in the room. However, small speakers are unable to give a good bass output thus severely affecting the sound experience in many cases, leaving them unusable for action packed movies and rich music.

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    It is important to consider how the speakers draw power. Since the entire set up is wireless, the power cords are well out of the equation. Therefore, it should be the batteries that will supply power to the speakers. These batteries may be reusable or rechargeable. If it is so, you will be saved from the necessity of buying one again and again. Find out about how long one charging is going to last and how long it takes for the battery to get fully recharged.

    Connection with other devices:

    Many wireless speakers for TV are designed for a compatibility with other devices. This allows the user to stream and control the device right from the connected device. It is important to consider what devices are compatible with the speaker and what form of connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth, radio frequency, etc.) is used between the two.

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